Unfolds with the pulsating rhythm of a carefully crafted poem... one part Woody Allen narrative, one part prayer.
— The Daily Gazette - Schenectady, NY

Tom Caravaglia


WHAT IS A CURIOUS INVASION/ST. PETERSBURG? A Curious Invasion/St.Petersburg is a site-specific performance project that will utilize space, place, light, and architecture as active partners in its creation. In the two weeks prior to traveling to St. Petersburg, Russia, the company will develop improvisational structures and adaptive material.
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We ask your support in celebrating our abundantly creative season with company/community projects in Chile, Switzerland, India and the US, as well as preview of two new company works at the Clarice Smith Perfomring Arts Center, and an upcoming site-community work in New York City supported by the Lowenstein Foundation.
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In 2011, we embarked on performances at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center (College Park, MD), Dance Place (Washington, DC) and the first Queens College Cross-Cultural Festival, as well as teaching residencies at Beijing Normal University and the Bates Dance Festival.
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It is with deep gratitude for your past support that we ask you to renew your pledge with a generous 2010 contribution. Our full-time positions as associate professors at the University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) have sparked a creative appetite that is surprising even us with its voracity. We are honored to have received funding from the NEA, NYSCA, the O’Donnell-Green Foundation, the American Music Center, and UMCP. The multitude of projects in the works will only become a full reality WITH YOUR SUPPORT.
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Yes, it’s true: we have taken the plunge and accepted full time faculty positions at the University of Maryland/College Park. An offer was made which we couldn’t refuse–a low teaching load, support for our own creative work, and enthusiasm for our ideas of giving students professional level experiences outside of the university walls. So now you can address us as professors! We are still working with our company, still choreographing, still touring, but now we have access to beautiful studios, students who are eager and intelligent with whom we can work over a three-four year period, and health insurance! This didn’t stop us from crossing two oceans to create two new works this year!
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With Barack Obama jubilantly elected, joyous emails greet us each morning from friends and colleagues from all over the world — and new invitations have been arriving for us to come to their countries to teach, choreograph, and perform. Great things are happening, but with the current economic changes affecting the entire planet, the realization of each of these projects hangs in the balance and depends on YOU.
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Pack your bags, break out the champagne, and please join us for PWDT's "Coming of Age" season in 2008. Yes, we will be turning 21 this year, and thanks to your continued and deeply appreciated support, have been blessed with twenty years of the most meaningful creative collaborations imaginable. From Calcutta rickshaw drivers to Vermont hospice nurses, from Japanese Butoh dancers to Hollywood composers to Katrina survivors, we have been inspired, stimulated, challenged, and welcomed over and over again.
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