Photo by Zachary Z. Handler – Photo Gallery

Photo by Zachary Z. Handler – Photo Gallery

Stunning... sensual... quirky, with a somewhat dark Tim Burton-esque movement quality.
Dance Magazine
Weighty ideas... a lot of intellectual meat son the bones.
— The Washington Post

Drama, a dance of long-legged awkward elegance, arresting in its otherworldly logic, moves along an abstract narrative of continually realigning expectations.

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Conceived and Choreographed by - Sara Pearson and Patrik Widrig
Created with and Performed by - Tzveta Kassabova, Betty Skeen and Erin Lehua Brown, a chorus of seven additional women
Original Soundscape by - Lauren Burke
Arias Sung by - Madeline Miskie
Set Design by - Sali Treek with Ann Chismar, Erin Glasspatrick, and Ryan Knapp
Costume Design by - Tzveta Kassabova
Lighting Design by - Ariel Benjamin

The creation of Drama was made possible by generous grants from the New York State Council on the Arts, the University of Maryland College Park, the Friends of PWDT, and a space grant from the CRS Barn in Ithaca, NY.

PremiereClarice Smith Performing Arts Center, College Park, February 2011CRS Barn, Ithaca, NY
FundingNew York State Council on the Arts • University of Maryland College Park • Jon Wiener • Friends of PWDT

These choreographers burble with ideas and warmly embrace the notion of collaborating with their dancers.
— The Washington Post