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Be Still My Heart - Photo by Stan Barouh

"This world is so big and so small. For the first time in my life I felt connected to Americans. You left and took my heart so far away. This was an unforgettable experience. There was no magic – there were only REAL breathtaking emotions and feelings. I hope our hearts will beat sometimes together at the opposite sides of the planet through all the problems and make our world more beautiful. We are the dancing family. I loved you with all my heart in such a short time cause you are amazing people with an amazing show. And I thank God I was a part of it. Come back!"

- workshop participant, Open Look Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia


“Sara and Patrik showed me at a very young age to embrace my creative gifts and thrive with them, and not care what others thought. They are truly remarkable performers, teachers, and friends.”

- Ariel Epstein Pollack, Davis, CA


“Sara, you are still a genius and an absolute original.”

- Bonnie Goldstein


"Ordinary Festivals is hysterically funny, poignant, and moving all at once. Bravo.”

- Peter Boal, Artistic Director, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Seattle 


“What an amazing time I had dancing in your piece. It was a pure joy! Dancing in Ordinary Festivals has left me with a different perspective on the New York dance scene. You have truly inspired me not only as a dancer but as a person.”

- Lela Annotto, Hunter College


"Six months of watching the news didn’t come close to showing me what you did in one incredible hour onstage. Now — I get it!"

- Austin Shirley, graduate student at University of Texas


“You have woven all elements together to such a beautiful piece of art, and I am hoping that you will be able to tour not just the United States, but the world with it.”

- Christine Washington, Cultural Attaché, Swiss Embassy, Washington, DC


“Thank you for a wonderful and positive creative experience; the HereAfter project is quite special, and I have been told by many (including people I do not know) that it changed their life.”

- Allison Goldfarb, Burlington, VT


“As always your dancing was gorgeous, your text funny/moving/evocative, and Lot’s Wife truly smart and wonderful! Dancing with you sometime is SO on my wish list!”

- Susan Levine, choreographer, writer, Keene, NH


“I was amazed at the impact the both of you had on the students and faculty while you were here. The energy among all of us was recharged with your presence. Thank you for your wonderful inspiration and insight – especially on art making.”

- Jennifer Rouse, student, Salt Lake City


“I can honestly say that my experience with you inspired me in a way I have never experienced through dance. Your approach to teaching and choreography is so fluid and I feel that you both foster creativity and passion in everyone you touch.”

- Abrei Cloud, dancer, Missoula, MT

Thaw - Photo by Tom Caravaglia

“I just wanted to let you know that I was very moved by your work last Sat evening. So moved, in fact, that I am planning a trip to New Orleans this August to volunteer my services as a Registered Nurse at a free clinic. THANK YOU for reawakening me to the tragedy. I know that you will continue to have a tremendous impact as you move forward in your work.”

- Wendy Westerman, Tivoli, NY


“Through your project you built lasting bridges between very diverse segments of our city. Your work is community development in its most important form… the people. You have helped us realize the great value of what we have and we as a community can become. You have touched our souls.”

- Hon. John Jenkins, former state senator, Androscoggin County, ME; former mayor, Lewiston, ME; five-time world martial arts champion


“I was in your presence for four incredible weeks, and the dedication and strength you showed was totally unbelievable. Your ability to open your hearts to the people around you is amazing and results in a group of people willing to share their experiences and thoughts that come from their innermost selves.”

- Jill Lamontague, Auburn, ME•

Words cannot describe the experience of your presence in the Upper Valley. The richness of you as people, dancers, and artists is quite overwhelming.
— Eran Hanlon, Hanover, NH

“Your work is so important. Never stop. I’ll always be there.”

- Troy Kirschner, New York City    


Without any exaggeration, this show left me feeling like a brand new dancer with a completely improved perspective on why I dance and what I want to experience out of dancing.

- Student audience member, Dance Place, Washington, DC 


“Your class was just fantastic! I’ve yet to be able to figure out exactly what it was about it that generated such intense energy and excitement. I now have a personal goal of attaining that same level of improvisational intricacy and excitement within my own creative work.” 

- Graham Brown, dancer, choreographer, Salt Lake City 


“A friend took me to see the performamce at City Center. Your piece was the highlight of our night and in its joyful wake we must sadly return to work tomorrow.”

- Wade Newman


“I saw you at Fall for Dance last night, and I thought it was one of the most delightful things I’ve seen – ever. What life…I’ve been feeling in a funk lately, but this morning I woke up bright with eagerness.” 

- Wesley H. Clark

Ordinary Festivals - Photo by Paul B. Goode

“I love your spontaneous and intuitive approach to movement. Patrik’s fervor flows over his tiny round glasses to create movement that is unexpectedly enormous and surprising. The exuberance of Sara’s curly hair matches her contagious enthusiasm. She moves quickly and continuously. Her class involves little discussion as she facilitates perpetual and instant decision-making, alone, in groups, in duets. Her gracious appreciation for dance makers is welcomed and familiar.”

- Letty Bassart, Miami


“I enjoyed your workshop immensely. It opened a creative channel in me that helped me write a one act play that same week.”

- Julie Rosier, Brooklyn, NY


“I was moved to tears by the piece and I feel it is an elegant and important effort using artistic practice to reclaim the devastated soul of New Orleans.”

- Ray Eliot Schwartz, dancer, choreographer, somatic movement educator, and arts activist


“The highlight [of the festival] for me was ‘Love Letters to New Orleans.’ At the end of the day, it is truly our art that can heal the world and make a difference, and I think everyone should have the opportunity to see this work. I don’t know when I have been so moved and so touched by a performance.”

- J. Jacobson, South Central Regional Representative, American College Dance Festival


“My 9-year old is still very distraught over the experience of the hurricane. Please come back to our schools with your piece — we need it.”

- Audience member, New Orleans


“These past three weeks felt like a little bit of heaven made a trip to earth. Your encouraging words, constant attention to detail, and fabulous imaginations have inspired me, pushed me, and moved me in ways I thought I’d never go.”

– Mary Chris DeBelina, Hanover, NH


“Our three hour nightly rehearsals were times of living in the present. It’s so important to find times when there’s no place we’d rather be.”

– Jamie Wenger, Keene, NH


“I keep having pleasant flashbacks from the rehearsals and performance of HereAfter and consider it one of the most special projects I have been privileged to have participated in. The show is a great gift. To perform in it was an honor for me.”

- Michael Zsoldos, Burlington, VT