HereAfter - Photo Gallery

HereAfter - Photo Gallery

The phenomenon of life and death was performed with breathtaking vitality and energy.
— Der Toggenburger, Switzerland

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HereAfter explores people’s relationship to life and death and what comes next, to beginnings and endings — of a life, a relationship, a job, a building, a passion. Finding words for the unspoken, and movement and music that fills the heart, the universal experience of love and loss are broken wide open with curiosity, compassion, and humor.

Bessie award winning composer Robert Een created the original score.

Premiere - Joyce Theater Altogether Different Festival, January 2000

Tour Highlights - Flynn Center • Bräker Zyklus/Switzerland • L/A Arts/Maine

Commissioned by  the 2000 Altogether Different Fund for New Works, sponsored by The Joyce Theater Foundation, Inc. Additional support provided by the Rockefeller Foundation / Multi-Arts Production Fund, NYSCA, the Harkness, Sequoia, and Lifton Family Foundations.

HereAfter is offered as a company only performance and/or with community involvement. Live music desirable whenever possible. Movement and text grow out of the intimate and inspiring atmosphere of the workshops led by Pearson and Widrig.