Kré Kré Kré

Kre´Kré Kré - Photo Gallery

Kre´Kré Kré - Photo Gallery

Fierce and Unpredictable.
— Dance Magazine

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Kré, Kré, Kré explores the act of creativity itself, that "yes" when body, mind, and heart are alive and in a heightened state of awareness and mystery. The work emanates from the creative voice of each dancer’s unique musicality and sensibility.

Created anew for each ensemble, the work was originally commissioned by the Daejeon City Dance Company in South Korea in 2009, re-choreographed for the Maryland Dance Ensemble in 2010, and will have its next incarnation with a local company on a tour through Switzerland in 2012.

Conceived and Choreographed by - Sara Pearson and Patrik Widrig