January 7-12:

Research Residency: we begin our newest collaboration with Zvi Sahar, the brilliant Israeli artistic director of PuppetCinema. We were blown away by a performance of his Salt of the Earth last spring. Such artistry, vision, masterful creative attentiveness to detail filled with such smarts and heart! Stay tuned for this remarkable collaboration that will take us deeper into where we long to be.


June 7-28:

Three-week site-specific performance residency at the award-winning SANAA Building with the Folkwang Tanz Studio company, which used to be directed by Pina Bausch.

We will be joined by the always sensational Lindsay Gilmour, Tzveta Kassabova, Graham Brown, Connor Voss, Stephanie Miracle and Jonathan Hsu.


July 30 – August 5:

We will return to the Bates Dance Festival for a performance and classes, celebrating the legacy of the one and only director Laura Faure. Not only has Laura supported our work for over twenty years, but she has nurtured a utopian dance community for thousands of people throughout the world.



August 6 – 12:

Join us for our site-specific choreography workshop at this magical camp on Parker Pond in Mount Vernon, ME.

In The Body, On The Land:  Improvisation and Choreography

Dance under water, up in trees; dance at dawn; dance in summer heat; dance at night under the stars; explore light, site, space, terrain.




Jerusalem, Israel

Photos of Salt of the Earth by Yair Meyuhas

Photos of Salt of the Earth by Yair Meyuhas

Essen, Germany

Bates Dance Festival, Maine

Photo of Paradise Pond by Phyllis Graber Jensen 

Photo of Paradise Pond by Phyllis Graber Jensen 

Bearnstow, Maine

Photo by Tracey Fleming

Photo by Tracey Fleming