Our three hour nightly rehearsals were times of living in the present. It’s so important to find times when there’s no place we’d rather be.
— Jamie Wenger

• Dance is a language that can connect one to one’s deepest level of awareness and to one’s truest self. It is a means of communication with another and the world, and at its best gives one the simultaneous experience of utmost discipline and utmost freedom. As teachers Pearson and Widrig create an atmosphere in their classes in which students feel free to let go of habitual patterns of moving, thinking, and feeling. They learn to develop the skills and courage to go more deeply into their own frontiers, finding their own creative voice.

• Pearson and Widrig combine a passion for the joy and power of pure dancing and movement theater with the deep inner work of over 20 years exploration in release and bodywork techniques. Developing a firm foundation in sound principles of body use, participants are able to move safely with full abandon, exploring qualities of dynamics, timing, space, momentum, direction, and musicality. With infectious enthusiasm they not only help people connect what they experience inside the studio with their life in the world, but awaken their curiosity to explore, confront, integrate, and communicate their experiences with honesty, compassion, humor, and subtlety.


Ordinary Festival