Be Still, My Heart

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Be Still, My Heart is a duet of timeless connection at the edge of separation where both hurt and great love reside. Tzveta Kassabova and  Raja Feather Kelly create an alchemy that at times is impossibly challenging, at others impossibly simple: intimate, brave, hungry, naked.

2012 Stan Barouh

2012 Stan Barouh

Choreographed and Directed by • Sara Pearson
Created with and Performed by • Tzveta Kassabova, Raja Feather Kelly
Original Music by • Michael Wall
Costume Design by • Robert Croghan
Lighting Design by • Jane Chan

 Premiere • Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, College Park, MD, December 2012

 Tour Highlights • Kennedy Center Millennium Stage

 Funding • UMDSchool of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies • Jon Wiener • Friends of PWDT

Sayonara, Dear

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Sayonara, Dear is an elegantly eccentric dance/video drama reflecting on states of being at the edges of existence. Through continually shifting kinetic designs drawn from silent movies as well as from the orientalist strains in early modern dance, images of endless loss and longing are layered with Ms. Pearson's new monologue of her 88-year old mother's sexual attraction to her male caregiver. Jamie James Wenger’s Japanese chiyogami video (designed in collaboration with Pearson and Widrig) sets a vivid environment for the choreography, intensifying the exploration of what is hidden and what is revealed.

Choreography, Text, Performance, Set Design - Sara Pearson, Patrik Widrig
Original Sound Score - Karinne Keithley
Video Design - Jamie James Wenger, in collaboration with Sara Pearson & Patrik Widrig
Costume Design by - Tzveta Kassabova

Preview - The Thalia Theater at Symphony Space, New York City, April 10-12, 2008

Funding Credits - Created and performed with the generous support provided by the New York State Council on the Arts, the Harkness and Sequoia Foundations, Jon Wiener, and the Friends of PWDT.

Daredevils of the Heart.
— Dance Magazine

Partners Who Touch, Partners Who Don't Touch

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A duet about the dynamics of connection and separation; the meeting of two cultures, two languages, two people, dance and performance art, silence and speech, aggression and tenderness.

Music by Chopin, Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft, The Heavenly Gospel Singers, Jimmy McHugh

Premiere - Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH, January 1988

Tour Highlights - Joyce Theater  Rote Fabrik/Switzerland  Stadttheater St. Gallen/Switzerland • Belluard Bollwerk Festival/Switzerland  XI Festival Internacional de Danza/Peru  Kyoto Arts Center/Japan  Chang Mu Arts Center/South Korea  Darpana Academy/India • Teatro Firkas/Greece  P.S. 122/New York City  Bates Dance Festival •Posthof International Festival/Austria

They dance together as if all dances began and ended in bed.
— The Village Voice

Heimweh (Homesick) 

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In Heimweh (homesick) they are catapulted against themselves and each other as the internalized forces of Catholicism and family traditions reign supreme.

Music by Odetta, Ambrosian Junior Choir, Public Enemy, Louis Armstrong, James Brown

Premiere - Swiss Dance Festival, May 1989

Tour Highlights - Rote Fabrik, Switzerland • Stadttheater St. Gallen, Switzerland • Belluard Bollwerk Festival, Switzerland • Chang Mu Arts Center, South Korea • Darpana Academy, Ahmedabad, India • Teatro Firkas, Crete, Greece • P.S. 122, New York City  Bates Dance Festival • Posthof International Festival/Austria

Commissioned by the Swiss Insitute

How much they - and we, too - relish the immediacy of any destructiveness we can wreak short of the fatal.
— The Village Voice

Journal Entries

“Details journeys across landscapes literal and psychic. It seems to be exploring every avenue of a new neighborhood, the common places and the strange.” The Village Voice

Choreography, Text, Performance by Sara Pearson + Patrik Widrig

Premiere - ChoreoSpace / Nikolais Louis Foundation, New York City, 1987

Tour Highlights - Mayfest International Festival, Glasgow, Scotland  Dance Theater Workshop, NYC • Rutgers University  Teatro Firkas, Crete, Greece

Terrific comedy, unassuming, hilariously earnest and poignant.
— The New York Times